Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3.1 fixes framework UI freezes, addresses camera application issues

Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3.1 fixes framework UI freezes, addresses camera application issues

What you want to be aware

Google carries out a minor Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3.1 fix for Pixel gadgets.
Clients ought to find this most recent fix bearing form number T1B3.221003.008.
The fix fixes framework UI and camera application issues, alongside erroneously showed messages during calls, and an issue with an inert Google Aide.
Google has gotten back with a minor update to address freezing and different issues with its Android 13 QPR1 beta stage.

As indicated by the delivery noticed, the minor Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3.1 fix has now carried out to gadgets from the Pixel 4a to the most recent Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Star. Clients with these gadgets will find the new beta fix bearing form number T1B3.221003.008.

While Google has expressed this is a “minor” fix, we’ve gotten the beta update on a Pixel 6 Master at 2GB.

There were two or three known issues that Google hoped to address with this light fix for those in the beta program. The first was a general Android issue and managed a gadget’s GPU drivers making the framework UI sometimes freeze while under ordinary utilization. The second elaborate an issue where a Pixel gadget would mistakenly show “Missed Call” rather than “Call replied on another gadget.”

This was fundamentally attached to the people who addressed an approach their Pixel Watch in untethered mode.

Pixel gadgets confronted a few issues with their cameras, too. The main issue of the camera application crashing on occasion has been fixed. There was likewise an issue with the camera application taking a more extended time than expected to open, which has additionally been remedied. The last camera issue to be fixed managed ancient rarities seeming when clients would record or watch their video back on specific Pixel gadgets.

An issue that made the Pixel 6a Transporter Settings crash while embedding a SIM card ought to likewise be tended to.

Google has additionally fixed an issue making the Colleague not be actuated by its hotword on specific gadgets.

One more known issue that has been fixed was one that caused the open UI periodically be set on warnings and other lock screen components. The QPR1 3.1 fix has likewise remedied an issue where a gadget’s screen would go clear while endeavoring to open it.

The organization’s last beta stage update, QPR1 Beta 3, was delivered barely fourteen days prior as we keep on approaching Android 13’s December highlight drop. That update invited the Pixel 7 series to the beta program alongside acquainting clients with the forthcoming Clear Calling highlight. Google additionally added help for worked in VPNs, which is doubtlessly in anticipation of the Pixel 7’s free VPN presented through Google One.

While we are taking a gander at December for Android 13’s most memorable element drop, Pixel proprietors can in any case get in on the beta tomfoolery by signing up for the program to test what’s coming.


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